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Scruples Urban Shock Color Craze 75ml

Scruples Urban Shock Color Craze 75ml

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Offering unlimited pastel and custom color mixing options, creativity knows no bounds with Scruples URBAN SHOCK Color Craze! These eight intense direct-dye colors are conditioner based, contain no ammonia and require no peroxide developer (75ml)


  • A series of eight intense direct dye colors
  • Creates both vibrant and pastel shades on light or prelightened hair and subtle tones on darker, natural or color treated hair.(results depend on shade(s) used, hair porosity, application and aftercare routine)
  • 8 intense haircolor shades and pastel mixer offers unlimited custom color mixing options.
  • Scruples' Protective Barrier Complex (PBX®) surrounds and shields the direct dye molecule during application, for seamless color saturation.
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