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SudzzFX BlondeAmbition Luxury Brightening Shampoo 300ml

SudzzFX BlondeAmbition Luxury Brightening Shampoo 300ml

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AMBITION Brightening Shampoo utilizes a true-blue pigment that helps brighten blonde, gray, silver, or ash tones while improving strands inside & out. Formulated with a luxury shampoo base composed of skincare-grade surfactants and ingredients that leave hair healthier with luminous shine. 

CAUTION: Do not use on overly processed hair, hair extensions, or if your hair has been colored with a green based hair color (ask your stylist). It is always wise to do a strand test, as the end result can be unpredictable if you are using home coloring kits, if the hair is overly processed or with the varying pigment bases of color manufacturers.

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