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Dennis Bernard

PowerTools Straightlines Smoothing Masque

PowerTools Straightlines Smoothing Masque

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STRAIGHTLINES Nanoplasty is an advanced hair straightening technology using nanoparticles to achieve straight and smooth hair. These nanoparticles, present in all STRAIGHTLINES products, penetrate the hair shaft, realigning its structure and reducing frizz.

The plant-based formulas offer a natural approach to hair care, using botanical ingredients to nourish and strengthen hair. Enriched with amino acids, STRAIGHTLINES promotes healthy growth, repairs damage, and enhances shine. The formaldehyde-free formulation ensures a gentle treatment, avoiding irritants and toxins, making it an ideal solution for beautiful, vibrant, and luscious hair.

FOR: Most types of hair, Virgin, Natural, Thick, Wavy, Curly and Coily (including Afro-hair texture), Healthy, Low porosity, and Medium porosity 

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