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Babe Loop Tool

Babe Loop Tool

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The Babe Loop Tool is a time-saving, must-have tool when installing Babe's beads onto your client's hair. The Loop Tool easily and efficiently aides in applying Babe I-Tip, Flay-tip and sew in hair extension methods (including Babe Hand Tied and Machine Sewn wefts). String 40-50 beads on the loop tool to minimize time spent reloading, and get started on faster and more efficient installations of Babe's 100% human remy hair. 

The loop is made of 100% nylon, so it's easy to clean and is much more durable than other loop tools on the market. 

How to use: 

  • slide the beads on the loop tool, stacking from the base working up
  • Take the section of hair and put it through the loop and onto the hair 
  • String the bead on and work from there!
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