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All Nutrient

All Nutrient Bleach + Lightener Control Duo

All Nutrient Bleach + Lightener Control Duo

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Includes 1 each

All Nutrient White Bleach 500g:
All-Nutrient Powder Bleach provides maximum lift without fear of breakage and leaves hair feeling soft and manageable. This de-dusted stay moist formula mixes smooth and creamy for ease of application. Controlled pH and natural emulsifiers adds maximum protection during the lifting process, with conditioning properties. Leaves hair feeling soft and manageable. Mixes instantly into a smooth creamy consistency for ease of application.

All Nutrient Lightener Control 120ml:
This lightener additive is molecularly designed to improve the lightening action and healthiness of hair during the lifting process.
Lightener Control™ is a resin-based gel infused with a blend of natural, organic ingredients, that act on the three primary components of hair: tensile strength, elasticity, and cuticle abrasion.

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