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Opalescent Color Creme is a part of Scruples’ True Integrity line. It can produce demi-permanent or permanent color depending on the developer used. The reflection of a translucent with the coverage of an opaque.
Low ammonia permanent and demi-permanent hair color system.
Provides beautiful color selection and expert gray coverage.
Mixes easily to a beautiful, creamy consistency.
Self-Tour® – taking the colorist to the next level.
PBX® helps protect the color molecule and the True Integrity of hair while providing deeper penetration of color for radiant, shiny results.
Nutrient-rich botanical blend — orange flower, orange oil, panthenol, vitamin E, sunflower and aloe for beautiful, rich tones and silky hair.
All ranges of hair color are calibrated at every level for accuracy in mixing and are true to level, true to shade.

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